Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

(A) @ 0:00 - 12:00 Warm Up

2 Rounds:

30 Double Unders

8 Traveling Spiderman w/Reach

8 Back Extensions

5 Good Mornings


5 Regular DL


2 Rounds:

5 Scap Retractions + 5 Kip Swings + 1-2 Strict Pull Ups

15 Double Unders

(B) @ 15:00 - CHOICE - 1 Max set of one of the following:

Bar Muscle Ups

C2B Pull Ups

Kipping Pull Ups

(C) @ 20:00 - Strength EMOM

Alternating “On The Minute” x 12:00

:45 Max HSPU

5-5-4-4-3-3 Deadlifts, building to a heavy 3 for the last set

(D) @ 40:00 “Sabotage”

AMRAP in 12:00

6 DB Push Press

9 Deadlifts

30 DU

*If you drop the DBs from overhead, your WOD is over


@ 0:00 - 3 Rounds:



@ 18:00 - 2 Rounds:

20 Deadlifts (275/185)

30 Bar Facing Burpees

40 T2B

50 Cal Bike

@ 40:00 - AMRAP in 10:00

Max Wall Ball (must be done in unbroken sets of 25)

Max Muscle Ups

*Both partners can be at the two different stations at the same time

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