I started at CBCF 2 1/2 years ago after years of working out at local gyms.  I needed a change and crossfit certainly provided that.
In the beginning, my one and only goal was to get through the workout regardless of form or technique. I would complete WODs, but I wasn’t any getting any better.  What finally clicked for me is
when my coaches stressed to stop worrying about weights and work on technique and proper form.  “Check your ego at the door.”
With proper technique the weights will come as well as cardio.  It certainly has in my case.
I’m finding I’m Rxing more WODs than I ever have in the past, but again, if I don’t think I can do the WOD with some semblance of decent form I’ll scale down.  It’s all about doing the best you can do on that given day..
In the past three months I’ve done two competitions.  If you told me last year I’d ever enter any competition I’d say you were crazy.  And I thank the CBCF community for giving me the courage to enter them, for I knew I’d have their unwavering support because that’s what WE do.  So pleased to part of CBCF and the lifelong friendships I’ve made along the way.