When Did You Start Doing CrossFit?

My wife Joni, and daughters worked out with Michael Weidner the founder of CBCF before there was any Crossfit around. When he started CBCF in his garage Joni was an original member. After a great deal of pestering from Joni I finally agreed to try it out probably 6 years ago.

Favorite WOD?

Anything with a time cap so I finish the same time as everyone else! I like Diane – dead lifts and HSPU’s work out well for me.

Least Favorite WOD?

Anything with Toes to Bar – they are my Kryptonite. (not overly fond of running)

Favorite Lift?

Cleans – not as much flexibility required as a perfectly performed squat snatch.

Least Favorite Lift?

Squat snatch – overhead squats. I really struggle with flexibility in my shoulders, but have been really working on it recently.

Tell Us A Little Bit About Yourself?

Married with 2 daughters. My wife, daughter, son in law, and father in law have all done crossfit. I wrestled in high school and would have loved a program like crossfit in the off season. Now I play the occasional round of golf and actually believe crossfit has helped with my flexibility and strength in my swing.

What Were You Doing Before CrossFit?

Some basic exercises at home, had an elliptical and would fool around with WII sports! Nothing near as intense as crossfit.

What Were Your Thoughts After Your First CrossFit Workout?

My first workout was Death by Wall ball. Pretty sure I used a light ball and my squat depth wasn’t near parallel. Probably couldn’t move my arms and hurt to go up the stairs but I was hooked.

What Were Your Goals When Joining CBCF?

I wanted to improve overall health. It is good to be able to climb stairs without breathing heavy.

Please Tell Us About Achieving Those Goals

I’m probably the fittest I’ve been in 30 years. Pulling out bushes at home, or going for a long hike on vacation aren’t even second thoughts.

What Are Some Of Your Best WOD TImes/Achievements Inside The Gym?

I don’t really track WOD times, I’m just glad to finish usually. I think regarding lifting, breaking some limits like 400# deadlift or 200# cleans are exciting achievements.

Do You Have Any Other Special Memories/Achievements During Your Time Here?

I think the camaraderie you develop with the CBCF community is great. I’ve made many friends from all walks of life while we struggle through WODs. Also competing in the Arctic Masters Blast with a Games Master athlete was a great memory.

What Advice Would You Give To A Newbie Just Starting Out At CBCF?

Don’t be intimidated. Any workout can be scaled and you will see benefit. My 86 year-old father in law would do workouts next to 25 year old health fanatics, and both see results.

Something We Might Not Know About You Is…?

Besides getting a degree I learned to juggle in college. One of those hidden talents that may come in handy if I join the circus.

*Coach’s Note: Knowing Ed for more than 10 years, he is as much a consummate gentleman as he is a driven individual, wanting the best not just for himself, but also all those that surround him. I have never seen Ed not want to get better. He is as serious about his fitness as all of us, just wanting to move forward and see progress. He is a cherished member here at CBCF for his infectious smile and gracious attitude. Truly a man you want in your corner, cheering you on! Keep at it, Ed!