Central Bucks Barbell Club

The Central Bucks Barbell Club is a USAW sanctioned and recognized weightlifting club (#8023). The primary focus of this institution is to instruct and improve the technical execution of the Olympic lifts, the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk. During the time on the platforms, only the Olympic lifts and auxiliary lifts will be practiced. The CBBC is open to any athlete who:

· is looking to help improve explosiveness and power for his/her sport.
· is looking for a better baseline level of overall strength.
· would like better technique, efficiency and coordination with the snatch, clean & jerk and other related lifts.
· is a CrossFit athlete and would like to compliment his/her weekly metabolic conditioning workouts with strength training.
· is a CrossFit athlete and would like to see his/her WOD times goes down (i.e. Isabel and Grace).
· is a competitive or recreational Olympic Style Weightlifter.

CBBC cycles will run for 2 months (8 weeks) at a time, with training on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and an “Open Platform” structure on Sundays. On these days, the training room will be exclusive to the CBBC. Cycles will be continuous through the year. Programming varies and is done for the class as a whole, with the exception of needed modifications for individual athletes. CBBC athletes can expect to snatch, clean & jerk, perform dynamic pulling drills, perform upper body strength and/or dynamic work, perform squats for strength and/or speed, and on some days, finish with short bursts of conditioning.

Club Rates:

Central Bucks Barbell Club – $250/cycle ($125/month)
CBBC + CrossFit Part Time Membership – $300/cycle ($150/month)
CBBC + CrossFit Standard Membership – $330/cycle ($165/month)

Club Hours:

Tuesdays: 6 – 7:15am  &  7 – 8:15pm
Thursdays: 6 – 7:15am  &  7 – 8:15pm
Saturdays: 10 – 11:15am
Sundays: Open Platform – 8am – 10am
*At all these times, the lifting room will be exclusive to the CBBC members only

The Central Bucks Barbell Club is owned and operated by USAW Club Coach & Sports Performance Coach, Michael Weidner, along with Sports Performance Coach Kathy Weidner. The CBBC is also coached by assistant USAW Sports Performance coach, Tim Senigo.

It is imperative that all members of the CBBC obtain an annual USAW Membership. Along with proficiency in the said movements, another main goal of the CBBC is to train for and compete in local meets. In order for you to enter a meet, a USAW membership is required. You will not be forced to enter a meet, but it will be strongly encouraged.


Please sign up below for the next cycle (September 1 – October 25). All membership payments can be made by check for this cycle. You will be notified via email as to your enrollment as well as the first weeks programming.