Competitor’s WOD

The CBCF Competitors WOD is designed for athletes interested in prepping for the Open, competing in local competitions, or just pushing yourself a bit harder, in general. These WODs are coach participated as well as coached throughout so you will be on the floor working out with CBCF coaches who will still push, assist, and motivate you. Similar to our Daily WOD, the loads and intensities featured here are infinitely scalable.

The Competitor’s WODs move at a much faster pace. There will be a strength component prescribed daily. The format of all classes may consist of: a short warm-up, skill work, weightlifting, and a shorter Metcon WOD, not necessarily in that order.

These WODS are designed by your CBCF coaches in order to make you stand out in a crowd and be recognized for your efforts at local competitions, during the Open, and such.

All members are welcome to follow the programming. However let me be clear that this is not a beginner program. You should be well versed and proficient in ALL the CrossFit movements, As loads and intensity can be scaled, these STANDARDs are necessary to participate:

· All Olympic Weight Lifting movements; knowing the different positions, i.e. “High-Hang”; knowing the difference between a “Power” receiving position and a “Squat” receiving position

· Gymnastic – strict pull ups, kipping pull ups, HSPU to max one abmat

· Running – we run!

Come in ready to work, know the movements, know your percentages ahead of time, if necessary, and know the WOD! This will be a full hour of work.