At Central Bucks CrossFit, pursuit of excellence and virtuosity in the movements are our sole aim for you, the athlete. To become foundationally secure and confident in your own ability ensures that we, as coaches, are continuing our duty in leading you down the path of fitness success.

It is with this constant mindset that we are proud to introduce the CBCF “Roots” Program. An 4-session, beginner introduction to the methodology, movements, and practices of CrossFit. Garnering these tools will launch you on a successful course for our regularly scheduled WOD classes.

Our Roots program will run on Monday and Thursday evenings from 6:00-7:00pm. Cost for Roots is $99/person. Once you have completed the Roots program, you may then choose a membership option that suits you best and attend classes whenever you choose.

In Roots, we cover all of the basic movements we perform in regular CrossFit classes, and slowly introduce the high intensity of a CrossFit workout. We stress the importance of the following progression: Mechanics –>Consistency of those mechanics–> Intensity. Safety is our priority, so we the limit Roots classes to eight (8) people and take attendance at each class. While we understand that “life happens,” If you miss more than 2 classes, we will require a 1 hour personal training session ($60) to make up for each class missed after 2.

We encourage all of our clients to be patient and take their time to build a good foundation through our Roots program, as it is crucial to our program and your future success.


· The 9 essential functional movements including Squats, Presses, and Pulls. All done with or without weights.

· Equipment (C2 Rowers, Dumbbells, Barbells, Kettlebells, Ropes).

· Gymnastics (Pull ups, Push ups, Rings, and more including scalable, modifiable versions of each movement)

· Skill builders (Burpees, Wall Ball, Running, Rowing, Jump Rope)

· Nutrition

· Olympic Weightlifting: learn the importance of the Snatch and Clean & Jerk